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Terms and Conditions

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Zanzibar Car Hire & Expeditions Rental Terms and Conditions

Zanzibar Car Hire & Expeditions provides you with a wide range of choice of their vehicles according to status and type of activities. There are five door automatic or manual: off road four wheel driving car.

Drivers License: The most important document on the road while driving often asked by Police check points.

Insurance: All our vehicles are insured

Payment: We accept following CASH in US DOLLAR or TANZANIAN SHILLINGS ONLY or otherwise ATM Machinery works 24 hours.Both parties must respect time(duration) off times may incur out of acceptable charges due to incidentals, time handed over vehicle and time to return must go along agreed ones.On receiving the vehicle check all essentials are good and if bad must be notified to one handing over immediately before accepting the car/scooter at handing over point. Things like Power window, petrol gauge functions, necessary documents like road license, insurance, and validated date issues on permits, A/C, Tyre, Spare tires, tools underneath the vehicle are ready for use, lights are functioning, beam indicators and so forth that may cause upsets in their absence.

Security: The vehicle(s) must be locked when not attended. The person hiring it is solely responsible for its security. As a responsible person for it you must make sure it is parked in a safe and secure place like the Hotel’s parking lot. Park it and notify the watchman on guard, especially during the night.

Booking: Is free. You do not have to pay anything at the time of making the reservation. During High seasons a deposit maybe necessary to ensure you have engaged the car or else the principle of current readiness will apply.

We also prioritize in normal times to pay the required payment when taking possession of the car. Cash payments are preferably paid in Shillings or Dollars. Time returned is when the vehicles has thoroughly been checked and proved to be in good and safe condition. As per quest(client) requests vehicles may be returned at any designated point e.g Airport, harbor(Sea Port)

Zanzibar Car Hire & Expeditions Rental Agreement

1. In case of extra time the person who has rented (client/r entree) will have to pay extra payments per each additional hour

2. The vehicle must driven by the R entree or the authorized person and not any other person.

3. The vehicle is not allowed to be driven in the sea shore or beach side.

4. The responsibility and security of the vehicle will be upon the person (client/r entree) as per period agreed with the renter.

5. If the Client/renter) breaks the contract He or she will be required to pay 50% of the agreed total costs.

6. The company can break the contract at anytime if it is proved that the renter is not keeping the vehicle in good condition such as by careless driving and other intentional damage should have driving-license from their country classes matches and Authorization by Ministry of Transport & communications.

7. Any damage incurred the renter is obliged to compensate accordingly.

8. Fuel and a driving permit are not included in the Price.

9. Mechanical failure is our responsibility.

10. 24 hours Roadside support wether in Town or Rural area we assist you with any problem or Troubleshooting.

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